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Over the last 2 years, I noticed a trend. All of my friends and family were miserable at their jobs. If it had been one or two people, I probably would have shaken it off. But it wasn't. It was nearly everyone close to me. I thought, "It's not them, it's the 'system'. " Something is broken and I wanted to do something about it. When COVID hit, my vision and mission become clearer: I need to bring employees joy and stress relief back into their lives, because people want to be seen, appreciated, and feel a part of something; now more than ever! I felt driven to help my friend who cries in her car after work, or my loved one who started antidepressants during the pandemic because of feeling isolated, or the friend who pours himself an extra drink after work to calm his nerves from the day. Employee's days can be brighter! And BuoyBox is here to give them a buoy to hold onto to stay afloat during these tough times.

I created BuoyBox in attempt to shift the the overall feeling while at work from ho-hum to heck-ya!

— Emily