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Introducing the first ever craft and snack box designed specifically for businesses to boost and maintain company morale.

Some benefits of maintaining & boosting morale in the workplace include:

  • build trust amongst teammates
  • increase employee retention
  • increase employee performance

  • lower absence rates
  • increase employee positivity
  • higher levels of collaboration
  • more productive teams

    How it Works


    BuoyBox is a morale boosting; team building activity box for businesses. Give your employees year round support or a one time boost. When you sign your employees and you up, each person receives a cool, gender neutral craft project for you and your team to create together virtually or in person. Every box includes a delicious snack because what team building activity would be complete without a snack?! Each person receives a surprise "Buoy Up" envelope for that work-through-lunch kind of crazy, hectic day. They can choose which day to open their envelope to receive their surprise pick-me-up. Four mini zentangles are included so you can take a mini mental break every week. Each box includes 1-3 more items in every box to make it even more of a joy to give and receive!

    What customers are saying

    I love this box!! What a nice way to show your team you care about them. The box is put together so nicely and is great quality! We had a blast creating our projects together!
    BuoyBox! Finally, a creative and affordable solution for workplace team building activities, ice breakers, or just something new now that employees are starting to come back to the office. A great way to re-introduce your employees in a small group setting. BuoyBox can be used to open up communication, discussions, or provide a little friendly competitions. It worked like a charm!
    BuoyBox provided a much-needed injection of fun into my tedious workday! The project was simple yet yielded a beautiful addition to my home office!

    Forget about coming up with team building ideas month after month.

    Leave that up to us!

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    May 2021 BuoyBox